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A Message from Francesca Minerva, Founder & CEO

Welcome to Changing Lives Press Website! I wanted to introduce myself to you and my exciting imprint, CHANGING LIVES PRESS. My name is Francesca Minerva and I am the Publisher and CEO of CHANGING LIVES PRESS. CHANGING LIVES PRESS was born from recognizing the fact that life happens, with its upsides and downsides, and sometimes, it helps to share those moments with others through these stories. CHANGING LIVES PRESS offers a broad spectrum of publishing whose purpose is to inspire, help, entertain and provide information on a multitude of subjects that will enrich your life. Our titles are focused on books that impact lives. The authors we choose are those who have influenced or changed the way we think, act, or process ideas and information. I invite you to explore my publications which includes titles of encouragement, self-help, inspiration, motherhood, hope, cooking and recipes and more. You will also find a variety of true stories that promise to intrigue you such as an expose of how a top U.S. airline ceased to fly and was declared insolvent in record time, the story of a Las Vegas show girl told by her daughter; the true story of an abused mom told by her two children at the hands of her husband, their father, a NYPD Detective and the story of a bullied teen determined to make a difference against bullying. A broad spectrum indeed for you to explore and enjoy! Sincerely, Francesca Minerva CHANGING LIVES PRESS-Publisher & CEO

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Changing Lives Press

A broad spectrum publisher whose purpose is to inspire, inform, help, entertain and enrich lives.

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