Lora Krulak

Celebrity Chef, Actor

Lora Krulak is a cook, nutritional muse, recipe re-creator, explorer and writer.  She has appeared on TV programs such as The Rachel Ray Show, Plum TV, The Food Network and the National Ad Campaign for Match.Com as well as numerous national and international magazines such as Spa Asia, Us Magazine, People, The NY Post, In Style and many others. Lora’s own food allergies and intolerances inspired her to become a culinary adventurer and dietary problem solver. Intercontinental travel helped her to discover global flavors while decoding her own nutritional riddles.From Bali to India, Australia, London, Rome, Paris and NY, Lora explored different modalities of healing and found her balance in yoga, nutrition, herbology and even chocolate. She is currently focused on writing her blog, which is a part of Martha Stewart's prestigious Inner Circle as well working on her next books.

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