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The Macaroni's in the Basement

Stories and Recipes

The Macaroni’s in the Basement: Stories and Recipes is a new cookbook with stories about the nonne, a quartet of feisty, determined grandmas who run the world from their kitchens in South Brooklyn in 1947. They are exhaling a post-War sigh of relief -- dancing at block parties, celebrating births and weddings, and marveling at the Coney Island fireworks on
Tuesday nights. They share an attitude of seeming nonchalance while working night and day, and a love for anything related to family, faith, and food. It’s their cooking that they are passionate about. Their language is food, their currency is recipes.


The Macaroni’s in the Basement Cooking Methods
By: Fran Claro
September 2014
English / 216 Pages / 6 X 9 / Hardcover / Cooking Methods
ISBN-13: 978-0-9849400-9-7                        Price: $24.99 / E-book Available

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