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The Poetic Gourmette

Cooking with Prose & Poetry

The Poetic Gourmette is a collection of the author’s recipes interspersed with her original poetry. Both cooking and writing poetry helped her through some dark times in her life - after pouring her emotions into her writing, “I would move on to cooking and experimenting with various ingredients, which to me were like words. Every time I mixed an ingredient, I was expressing another feeling. When I had completed my recipes I felt that I had dealt with whatever the world had sent my way.” But this book is much more than a poetry cook book. It is a wealth of information that includes facts about nutrients, tips about easily and inexpensively punching up our nutrition, marinating ideas, healthy substitutions in recipes, and even a key to the heretofore mystery of what constitutes a “serving size” of those five fruits and vegetables we are supposed to consume daily. Jane Silk’s friendly style of writing makes you feel as though she were in your kitchen, helping you become the gourmet chef you thought you could never be.


The Poetic Gourmette
By: Jane Silk
May 2012
English / 98 Pages / 5 X 8 /
Paperback / Self Help & Cooking
ISBN-13: 978-0-9843047-8-3
Price: $17.99 / E- book Available

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