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The Fighting Spirit

The Art of Winning Your Fight

The Fighting Spirit

The Art of Winning Your Fight


To anyone and everyone who wanted to give up but didn’t, who hit rock bottom and came back swinging—or anyone who ever wanted to—this book is for you. George (Monk) Foreman III teams up with Mary McAlary, a mom and grandmother fighting MS, to co-author the ultimate motivational playbook--THE FIGHTING SPIRIT: The Art of Winning Your Fight.       

Want to “Fight a Good Fight”? George III reveals 12 Fighting Laws with “Everyday Fighter” Mary McAlary alternatively sharing her life-changing journey and personal hard-won lessons (Fighting Facts). Diagnosed with MS 10 years ago, she was told to “get ready to spend the rest of [her] life in a wheelchair.” “Diagnosis be damned,” said Mary. “The fight was on.”                                                               

Special Note from George III:
No one walks through this world alone. Even professional athletes have a group of individuals to work with them, encourage them, and challenge them to be the best at what they do. Likewise, if you want to overcome illness, perform better, reach higher and more challenging goals, and make the most of each day for you and your family, it’s much easier to do it when you have a team cheering you on.  That’s why I am building a community of real fighters, made up of everyday people.
Check out EverybodyFights (#everybodyfights #thefightingspirit). And please tell us #WhyYouFight. Success is not defined by wins or losses, but by the journey.  That’s not some cute, feel-good quote to stick on your refrigerator. It’s the truth both for my life, and for yours. Let’s be on it together.

THE FIGHTING SPIRIT also includes, Mary’s Knowledge Feeds: Fast health tips and links to more info.

  • 25 Tips for Sustainable Wellness

  • 20 Ways to be Healthy

  • 5 favorite easy, delicious & healthy recipes (because who doesn’t like a few good recipes?)    


Visit Everybody Fights to learn more

The Fighting Spirit
By: George Foreman III & Mary McAlary
Self Help / Motivational
January 2015 - Available Now
English / 112 Pages / Hardcover
ISBN-13: 978-0-9904396-2-2
Price: $21.99 / E-Book Available

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