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A Loss Misunderstood

A Loss Misunderstood is the story of the author's challenging path to parenthood. The purpose of this book is to support the women and their partners who can be left feeling devastatingly alone with their pain following the loss of a pregnancy. Questions are posed at the end of each chapter to provide couples with an opportunity to put their story and their range of emotions down on paper. Putting pen to page and releasing the thoughts and feelings that are often hidden away deep within can be extremely therapeutic, especially for those working through the stages of grief. This honest and moving book will ultimately be a piece co-written by both the author and the reader. It can serve as a physical representation of the heartache experienced by a couple who are struggling to start a family and can subsequently be shared with parents and friends so that they may gain a better understanding and empathy for what their loved ones are facing. 


Available October 2016

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