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The Me in Medicine

Reviving the Lost Art of Healing

Pub Date: July 16, 2018


Dr. Patrick Roth is an accomplished neurosurgeon with a thriving practice. He reveals eye-opening stories from his 30-year career that demonstrate modern medicine is “not what you think it is.” Based on his vast experience, he discusses his current conflicted view of medicine, one filled with awe and a sense that medicine is broken. With a critical eye and an open heart, THE ME IN MEDICINE: REVIVING THE LOST ART OF HEALING discusses today’s medical industry issues and what can be done to fix them.


The typical office visit allows little time for doctors to listen, for patients to share, and for both to come to enough of an understanding as to the best way forward.  One of the most pronounced problems today is our “top down” approach powered by electronic record systems that medicalize symptoms, maximize income at the expense of the patient and dispense recommended treatments that have crushed the art of healing.  Having recognized the problem, he/Dr. Roth now wants to be part of the solution―and he wants you to be too. Welcome to his movement –a call to embrace narrative medicine, for your own good.


This is a book for every one – doctors, patients and healthcare providers – to buck the current system. Through THE ME IN MEDICINE: REVIVING THE LOST ART OF HEALING, the author reveals the approach that is critical for both the doctor and the patient to improve treatment, the healthcare system, reduce misdirection (and possible cost) as well as overtreatment by doctors. 


THE ME IN MEDICINE, whether “Me” the doctor or “Me” the patient, will revive the lost art of healing for the benefit of both/all.

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