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Red Stocking Society

By: John "Ace" Passmore

Red Stocking Society

By: John "Ace" Passmore

Pub Date: October 30, 2018

ISBN: 978-1732258402

Price: $16.95


Good sparks good...the spirit of giving comes alive in, Red Stocking Society.

Unlike picture books with Santa lore, Red Stocking Society is a fast-paced Christmas adventure for the 21st Century that revives the big-hearted legacy of St. Nicholas.

Preteen Bub Olney is disillusioned over Santa and upset his parents can't afford a coveted bike under the tree. Determined to own it, Bub lands a job at mysterious RSS, Inc. where eccentric workers bustle about on a secret mission called the S-Game.  In a race against time and a spooky Red Phantom, Bub is charged to perform three good deeds before the bike is sold at auction.  While playing the S-Game through harrowing twists and turns, can Bub overcome his self-centered nature to reignite his family's Santa spirit? And if so, might he finally learn the identity of S1--the real Santa?

Entertaining and inspiring for ages 9-90, this book also serves as a Santa Manual for grown-ups who face grueling questions from doubters. You'll believe again! 


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