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The Prepared Investor

How to Prevent the Next Crisis from Affecting Your Financial Independence

There is a story that is usually told about investing through crisis, a story that focuses on inaction and patience.  In The Prepared Investor, Manske shows that the true story of investing through crisis is very different, and that if we want to understand how to protect and grow investments during calamity, we should spend more time actively preparing for it.  The story of investing through crisis is more complex - and a lot more interesting.  Manske explains what the lottery for the Vietnam draft and the Boston Marathon bombing have in common, why investors reacted to Hurricane Sandy but not to Hurricane Ivan, and the reason you shouldn't buy diamonds - all in terms of preparing financially for major crisis.  It matters if investors have experience with a certain disaster, Manske argues, and it matters if a leader is humble or boisterous.  The reaction of investors to certain types of disaster follows a peculiar and unexpected logic, and in making that pattern plain, Manske presents a fascinating and provocative blueprint for protecting and growing a portfolio in the face of major crisis.

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