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To Vegas and Back

To Vegas and Back is Casino meets The Burning Bed, peppered with The Glass Castle. The story begins with a twenty-six-year-old woman living the American dream in the 1960s. She was a homemaker and mother of three in the beautiful suburbs of Philadelphia. At thirty-two, she gets a divorce and trades brownies and carpools for pasties and feathers as a Showgirl in Las Vegas. It is about this mother’s reckless journey and the impact it had on her children.
The memoir is filled with crooks, sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling, entertainers and how they were all a part of the showgirl life. But the story also captures the inner struggles of a family that lived through these times. In the end, it is about a family’s ability to bounce back from adversity and move on to a bright future. The author can tell this story, because this woman is her mother. She is the daughter of a Las Vegas showgirl.

To Vegas and Back
By: Suzanne R. Krauss
January 2014
English / 206 Pages / Hardcover / Memoir
ISBN-13: 978-0-9894529-3-9
Price: $21.99 / E-Book Available


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